Sri Lankan Malay Pickle (Malay Achcharu)

The Malay community in Sri Lanka is a minority of the population, believed to be from Indonesia & Malaysia during the Dutch & British ruling time. However they have a big contribution to Sri Lankan cuisine.
Malay pickle also one of authentic dish from Malay community, but now it is being tasted by almost all Sri Lankans.

Here is the recipeIngredients (for about 5-6 servings)

100 g. Red onions
3-4 Capsicums
1 big size carrot
100 gr. Dates
1/4 cup. Vinegar
2 tblsps.Mustard seeds
2-3 cloves. Garlic
1 inch piece. Ginger
1 tblsp. Chilly powder (or to taste)
1 tblsps. Sugar(or to taste)
Salt to taste


Wash capsicums and cut into pieces
Peel carrot & cut into pieces
Peel the skin of red onions,keep aside
Clean dates,remove the seed
Grind the mustard, garlic, ginger and dates separately using some vinegar.
Mix the ground pastes with the balance vinegar, salt, chilly powder and sugar.

The taste of the mixture should be hot and sweet.
In a bowl add the onions, capsicums and carrot. Pour the mixture on it & mix well.

Serve with rice & curry.(Can serve immediately after prepared)

If not store in a dry clean glass bottle.
You can keep this about 1-2 weeks.

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