Srilanka 1st Engineering Officer (Helicopter Squadron) -Group Captain Noor R. Rahim. psc, qfi (RCyAF/SLAF Retired)

Selamat Saudara dan Saudari...

We would like to address some special note about Malay Noblemen in this generation... it's non other than
***** "Group Captain Noor R. Rahim. psc, qfi (RCyAF/SLAF Retired)".****

Story of Mr. Noor Rahim​....

This Stubborn little guy received education at St. Joseph's College, Maradana, Colombo 10. in year 1942 - 1957. as for his colleagues he is a active guy who like to work hard. and talkative...

As our early Malays (Moyans) his dream also to serve the National Army. with his will power he joined the Royal Ceylon Air Force in August 1957 and proved he is a brave man with Malay Blood.

I have a reason to say he is a brave and ambitious Soldier. because he is the ***First Ceylon Malay to receive a Commission as a Pilot in the Flying Branch of the Air Force in February 1959***

Gradually he become the First Officer Commanding of # 4 Helicopter Squadron in 1970. and then Mr. Noor pass so many miilestone which no Malay can pass, namely,

(*) Became the First Commanding Officer of # 3 Flying (Maritime) Squadron in 1971.

(*) First Commanding Officer of # 5 Helicopter Flying Squadron in 1971.

(*) First Ceylon Malay Officer to qualify as a Qualified Flying Instructor on Helicopters in 1972.

(*) Commanding Officer of # 4 Helicopter Squadron 1973 - 1976.

(*) First Commandant of the Air Force Academy in 1976.

(*) First Air Force Officer to follow a Command & Staff College Course in a Foreign Language in 1978/79. (Sekolah Staf dan Kommando ABRI bagian Udara)

(*) First Malay Officer to be Appointed as the Military Coordinating Officer for the important Gampaha District; during the Communal Violence.

Finally reaching all the Top positions World needed him to relax and be a role model to future generation
He Ended his career with Commanding the Standards & Examining Wing of the Air Force 1979 - 1981; and in addition to Commanding the Main Air Force Base at Katunayake as its Base Commander Year 1979 - 1984.

Mr. Noor Rahim Gave his final Salute on January of 1984 and Retired from the Air Force.

But it didn't stop him serving the country...
In year 1984 he joined the National Carrier Air Lanka (Presently as Sri Lankan Airlines) as the Ground Flight Safety and Technical Training School Manager; with the additional function of imparting training to Cabin Crews on Safety Equipment Procedures.
Also wrote a Safety Guide & Bulletin for the Engineering staff; and the all important document for the Airline - An Emergency Procedure Manual and Represented the Airline at all Airworthiness Conferences.

After he finish his duty to the country he took forward a new task in Canada on year 1987.

He Served in two "feeder" airlines as its Flight Operations Manager in the first and as Manager Flight Schedule in the second feeder Airline respectively; before getting into Government employment, as below.

- Employed by the Government of the Province of Ontario as a Gaming Registration Officer with the sole responsibility of issuing Raffle Lottery Licenses to eligible Charitable Organizations in the Province of Ontario ranging from $50,000.00 to Millions of Dollars.

- In 1993 was awarded "Employee of the Year" - For Special Contribution.

A man is a perfect art work by Almighty Allah. and Noor Rahim is a example for it...

if we look back of our life what we have seen is few... what we have to do is lot equal to deep sea...
I am really delighted to write this article about our beloved Sdr. retired Air Commodore Noor Rahiim. this article make me inspire and learn the life... hope you all will read and be proud as a Malay

Presently he is retired from all the duties (in 2007) and continuing with the hobby of writing poems and articles on "reality".

May Allah bless him and his Family

by: Imran Taro Casseer

Raheman Hathy trophy winners-1981 — at Air Force Grounds.
With Noel LokugeNoor RahimRonnie Marshaland Osmund Paul.

No 5 Cadets of the Royal Ceylon Air Force 1957 in front of the Boulton Paul Balliol 

Historic photo from Gp.Capt Noor Rahim 

Top: AOC's - 4 Sqn; L to R - Self,Dougie Perera,G/C Rahim,Rabi de Alwis, ACM Mendis, Rajkumar & Ana Samarakone.
Bottom: AOC's Ekala,

The officers seated are from L to R: Rodney Robinson; Denzil Fernando; Ronnie Marshall; Edgar Cooray; L.W.A. Christian; Noor Rahim; Dick Perera; S/L E.J. Downs (O.C. Flying Wing); Harry Goonetilleke (C.O 2 Squadron); F.s ?; F.s Kulatunge; lloyd Perera; Noel Anandappa and E.D Pereira.  
Thunderbolts in the background 

photograph of No. 5 SLAF Helicopter Squadron taken in 1971.

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