Assalamu Alaikum warahma thullahi Wabarakathuhu
La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadu rasurullahi

Greetings from Doha,

Dear Young Melayu Team,

Appreciating and Thanking you for the great Support

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve shown to us throughout young Melayu Projects, particularly during our latest Iftar Project and Donation Campaign. You’ve always been someone I could call as Our “Guardians.” What means the most to us was that you do more than we expect. You guys are an asset for Young Melayu and for Malay Community.
As a team you Always look for opportunity and You take it a few steps beyond and share the reasons why you think so. Sometimes it seems like you guys remember our achievements even better than I do myself. I always appreciate your invitation to see how your talents can make a difference in this little Community.
After every event you guys participate with me, I always feel more confident and capable, and for that I will always be grateful.
Thank you so much,

May Allah bless you all…

Tuan Imran Casseer

Young Melayu Leader

Special Thanks to,

Sdri Sharban Packeerally
Advisory Team:
Ibu G Leeza Falaldeen
Bapak Noor Rahim
Sdr. Lathufan Marjan
Sdr. Shiyan Azeez
Ibu Inthan Abdeen
Sdr. Fayad Sainudeen
Sdri. Azmarah Jayah
Sdri. Aneeqa Nalzia
Sdri. Salma Sameera
Sdr. Imtishan Abdeen
Sdr. Abzal Deen
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