Statement released by KMK EXCO

NfC: 25thMay'16

Dear KMK Members,
We are saddened by the difficulties faced by you and your family members living in Kotikawatta and surrounding areas like Wellampitiya, Angoda, Kelanimulla, Weliwita, Kaduwela from this devastating flood situation.

We know that some of the members have left their homes when flood water level was rising and staying with their relatives. Some are still living in their homes surrounded by water and surviving with food and other basic items received from boats deployed by navy and other organizations.

Most of our Exco members are severely affected by the floods. However, President of KMK Sdri Sabina Hallaldeen and some of the Exco members are planning a Post-flood Relief program for our members. We are coordinating with few organizations and individuals to receive or divert material donations to bring our saudaras and saudaris lives back to normal.

We will try to do our best to help our members, though with the limited capacity and resources, in whatever way possible.
We will be in touch with you very soon with information about the Post-flood releif program.
May Allah (SWT) blessings be upon you.
KMK Exco

by: Nilam Hallaldeen 
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