June 26, 2016: The Mabole Melayu Association (MMA) organized a iftar for LADY FAREED HOME FOR ELDERS- MAKOLA.

This event was planned by MMA and actioned by Youth Committee of Mabola Melayu.
Yakeen Sarifodeen, President of the Mabole Melayu Association, stated on web: “The Iftar is a successful project by MMA. Thanks to the Youth Headed by Lathufan Marjan, Rushana and the Youth Team. I want to add my Sincere thanks to them and to all the members of MMA for their Contributions and Participation in this Annual event at Lady Fareed.”
Lathufan marjan, President and active member of Youth MMA, answering to Young Melayu Media Unit “At MMA, we believe in giving back to the community. Ramadan is more than just a time of giving; we believe it is a time for helping those who are less fortunate by providing them with a little joy at the end of their day — such as with a hearty, nutritious iftar meal.”
Mabole Melayu Association is one of the Leading Youth Association in Sri Lanka who has made significant change in Malay world. The MMA has been involved in various community development activities across the Island, including assisting in the field of education, healthcare.
On behalf of Young Melayu Media Unit and the Malay community we wish them all the very Best…
La ilaha illallah, Muhmmadu rasurullah.

 by: YoungMelayu Media Unit

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