Selamat Saudara dan saudari,

Thank you for the Great Support

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your donations and contributions. Our Iftar Program was a huge success, with the Help of Allah and you.
Our Project included Iftar Ceremony, Fabrics Donation for Kids, Educational Kits for Orphanage and Dry Rations to Families.

We raised amount of LKR 105,600/= with the blessing of Almighty Allah. As you know this kids need special assistants in day to day Life. They are really kind and brave. Every minute we spend with the children made us realise what we lose is never matters compare to what they lost.
Jazakallahu hyr Ya Allah to making us Healthy.

I believe, you all can visit this school to spend a day with this flowers. they smile with Eyes and great with Heart.
This was big task for us due to recent flood Situation in Sri Lanka. But continues Support from Malays like you, made Our dream to became a reality.

Thank you once again for your kindness, generosity and time and effort that you all put into making the event such a huge success.
Appreciate your generosity!

Words cannot express how I feel.

Kind regards,
Tuan Imran Casseer

Young Melayu Leader

Images by: Sdr. Fayad Sainudeen
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