REMPEYEK (Peanut Crackers)

REMPEYEK (Peanut Crackers)

SMC: June 15, 2016


400gms                      Red Skinned peanuts chopped

200gms                      Rice flour

2tbs.                            Tapioca Flour (Substitute Cornflour)

Spice Mix

5 Cloves                    Garlic

1tbs.                          Coriander Seeds

A few                         Cadjunuts

400ml                        Coconut Milk

One                           Egg

Salt to Taste


Grind spices very finely. Mix in the Coconut Milk & Egg. Mix in the two kinds of flour and Nuts. Heat oil and fry batter by the tablespoon until golden brown (Dribble the mixture carefully along the side of the work to form thin wafers of peanut crackers).

by: Resipi Makanan Melayu

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