June 29, 2015:
Making a history in Malay Books, YoungMelayu became the first non-profitable Facebook group to organize a charity project to innocent children.
After consulting many Donors Young Melayu step in to the Nobel project on June 28, 2016.
Team was led by Sdri. Shaarban Packeerally with the help of Sdri. Zeeniya Rahim and Sdri. Inthan Abdeen. And powered by Youth Sdr. Rizwan Lye, Sdr. Shiyan Azeez, Sdr. Tuan Putra, Sdr. Imtishan Deen, Sdr. Fayad Sainudeen, Sdr. Muhammed Nifraz and Sdri. Salma Sameera.
As a Responsible Youth Team YoungMealyu select “The Islamic Centre for the Phyically Handicapped” institute in Thihariya City.
Sdr. Rizwan and Sdri. Shaarban has visit personally and been heart melting to see kids with happiness even they have loose a lot.
After a final discussion team start their journey to Thihariya and successfully complete the task with help of Almighty Allah.
We would like to share some images for your reader opinion.

YM TEAM thanks all the Sponsors and Donors for contributing for the nobel Event

The Islamic Centre For The Physically Handicapped is a non-profitable & a charitable organization which provides the following services:
  • General School Education
  • Special Education
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Hostel Facilities
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Health & Medical Care
  • Employment Opportunities
These facilities are provided at no cost to the
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Speech Impaired
  • Sight Impaired
  • Physically Disabled
  • Mental Disabled Students
The training facilities are rendered by well qualified Professionals and Tutors.
The Centre was established in a rented house with a teachers & 05 students. However, gradually it has improved & presently it consists of separate school building complexes with separate hostel facilities for mentally & physically disabled boys & girls. In addition play grounds, prayer hall (Mosque), staff quarters & many other 2&3 Story building complexes with modern facilities are available in the own premises. The Centre has absorbed more than 250 pupils & 40 members of Academic & Administrative staff at present.

The Centre is registered in Sri Lanka as:
  • A Voluntary Social Services Institute on 21.10.1986, under the Voluntary Social Services Organization Act. And is eligible for annual grants by the Social Services Department.
  • A Government Approved Charity in the Ministry of Finance, by gazette no:513 of 01.07.1988.
  • An Assisted School recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, by gazette no:648dated 01.02.1991.
  • A National Council for Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Services. Reg.No:MMS/NSPD/R/20 of 2000.11.30
  • A Nongovernmental Organization in the Secretariat for Nongovernmental Organization, bearing Regd. No: L41004 dated 2002.02.07
  • A Voluntary Organization in the western Provincial Department of Social Services. Regd.No.WP/SSD/G/DH/2010/02 ON 2010.10.11

by YoungMelayu media unit 
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