Selamat Saudara dan Saudari...

I'm really delighted to announce that Our Annual Orphanage Iftar program is successfully set up to go live on 18th June 16

This Year it will go ahead as " YOUNG MELAYU IFTAR WITH SDR. LUQMAN"
with remembrance of our beloved brother who passed away few days ago.
As Always, our members came forward to donate goods and Money to make this orphanage program a big success.

This a record in Malay History which a Facebook based Malay group doing Iftar and Good Donation without any Fund raise. and Second time in History (including our first prog) an Individual social media Group doing programs without registering to Any Malay Clubs.

First of all, I want to thank my Malay member for your Donation, Sponsorship and Duas. without you we will not come this far.

we passed two years with you.
and Thanks for trusting myself and My Team

with last year success we gain lot of new Donors to this year iftar. and now we are having excess in goods.

So, we came up with new plan to share the goods with some families.
if you have any families who need goods to do Fasting, please let us know immediately so we can help them. (Transportation is not an issue, because our donors are ready to drop it to Door step.)

***Nothing Called Too Late*** so please update us soon with families who need support. It's an order by Allah. and we are just doing what he asks us to do.
May Allah Bless you all,

Proud to be a Malay.

Imran T Caseer
Young Melayu Team
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