JUNE 18, 2016

*** Young Melayu hosts their Annual Iftar dinner at the Islamic Centre for Special Need Kids in Thihariya to conclude the daily fasting during the month of Ramadan, and to celebrate young leaders and women helping communities across the nation.***

Thank for All mighty Allah for guiding us for this Nobel project.

The Iftar is the evening meal after sunset that concludes the daily fasting during the month of Ramadan. Observers around the world gather with families, loved ones, and communities to break their fast together. For observers, the Iftar dinner and Ramadan are a time to reflect on humanity and to reaffirm commitments to helping the less fortunate. This year, Ramadan, which follows the lunar calendar, is taking place during the longest days of the year.

Last night's celebration was Young Melayu's second Iftar dinner under the Brand of YMG. This year, in addition to Iftar and Donation for Kids, The YM team add a special focus on helping families who need dry goods to practice fasting.

Iftar Ceremony started with a beautiful Malay Speech by Sdr. Zabith Packeerally, son of Imbran and Shaarban Packeerally. 

Speaking at the dinner, President of Young Melayu said that the annual Iftar was a reminder that "whatever the Bangsa we belong to, we will always be one family."

"Our Iftar is also a reminder of our beloved brother Luqman Miskin who passed away due to a tragic accident. He will always be in our heart. And this Iftar will continue for Him"
— Imran Casseer

Young Melayu recognized several young talented Malays who were making an impact to the Malay Community in the Heart of Colombo and around the Island. And made them lead the Younger Generation with more commitment and Discipline.

The President also made a clear statement. That Young Melayu will always stand with Youth and Malay Community to make a better future to All. And also he reminded that these Kids in this House are happy with what they got and what they have, but some leaders in our community running toward Power even when they have everything. He was marking about the Rally some leaders decided to create on Lipton Circle for a MP Seat. 

“… we don’t simply loose hope or give up if we fail, but we overcome. Together, we can overcome ignorance and prejudice. Together, we will overcome conflict and injustice -- not just with words, but with deeds. Stop blaming the Youth and Community. Start creating new ideas to develop Malay Language. If Community doesn’t follow you, it means you have something to change. Not the entire community. Getting out in the real world to organize and to create the change that we seek. That’s what so many of our people do every single day. And that’s what we have to continue to do together, here in Sri Lanka and around the world. As the Quran teaches, let us answer with 'Peace.'"  

President of YM ended his remarks wishing Muslim around the world a blessed Ramadan.

"To all of you, and to Bangsa Mealyu-- Ramadan Kareem." Alhamdulillah

by YoungMelayu media unit
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