Natural Nuwara-Eliya Malay Association

July 06, 2016: Nuwara-Eliya Malay Association. A beautiful little Malay Association with 25 malay families. Most malay doesn’t know that it still exist. On a research and with some contacts we found that A little Village of Malay still exist in the Beautiful Hill Country.
We met a Saudara who is Now working in Kuwait and has visited Sri Lanka for his Eid Celebration.
His Name is Mr. Tuan Arshad Amit. We made a small interview with him to know about Nuwara-Eliya Malays.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Sdr Tuan.
Walaikum Salam Warah matullhi wabarakatuhu

We are from YoungMelayu media Unit and would like to know few details about Nuwara-Eliya Malay Association.
Sure I would like to help about My Association

First thing first, so would you like to share some information about you?
My name is Tuan Arshad Amit. I am living with my parents, One Brother and One sister.
Presently working in Hotel Industry in Kuwait.

How long you have been an active member of this Nuwara Eliya Malay Association.
I have been for few years

What made you join this Association?
The leadership and Unity. The president and the Team (Committee) works as one family and they wanted the youth to take a big role in the Club. And always discuss with Elders and Youth. So New Ideas will develop and club will be more strength.
Any recent Events or Program?
We use to meet every month and help some families and discuss about Malay developments. And few days ago we made a Iftar Program.

Ma shaa Allah. So do you have an Office to NuwaraEliya Malay Association?
As at now we do not have exact place. We are operational only as a family (A Team). The meetings will be help on Malay President house or any Committee members house.  

What are the upcoming Plans to NMA?
We are planning to arrange a meeting with some Big clubs around the Country and hopefully open a Malay Account and a Page.
And keep the Malays together.

Can you name us who is the President of NMA?

Mrs. Rehana Salim.
And Vice President is T A Miskin

So we can contact them in future?

Yes Sure you can. Contact Number will be 0522223698

In shaa Allah Young Melayu will do a Malay Dancing Cultural program soon. With the help of SLMYA. In that case where can we contact you?

We are happy to Join with you. And you can contact me or the President. As for they are aware of Young Melayu Team. And we would like to add our Malay kids for a Malay song and a Dance

In Shaa Allah. We would like to meet them all in Colombo. Thanks for the time Sdr. Tuan Arshad Amit. Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Aidil Firtri.

You to my Brother. Eid Mubarak.

By: YoungMelayu Media Unit

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