By Noor Rahim

We should be proud of the culinary dishes that our ancestors brought down with them.

I can remember only the following “mouth watering” dishes and would invite others to contribute to this list so that it can be a permanent one for posterity. This we must do or else our Malay Ancestry will be forgotten and taken over by others and our young ones will be none the wiser.


SERIKAYA - Called Wattalappam by the Tamils and Wattallappang by the Sinhalese.

DODOL – Also called dodol by the Sinhalese.

SAUH DODOL – Dodol made with the inclusion of the sawo seeds.

CUCUR – Oil cakes. There were two types. One with the “konde” and the other “flat”.

KOKIS – A deep fried flour batter in a mould and fried in oil.

CHEENA KUE – A small glutinous cup cake eaten with coconut scraping. (Should be KUE CHEENA)

DOSI - There are variety of Dosi dishes made out of “Nanas” (pineapple); Dongdong (ambrella in Sinhalese) and “Mangga” (Mango)


NASI GORENG – Fried rice.

NASI KEBULI – Rice cooked in ghee with chick-peas.

NASI KUNING – Yellow rice cooked for formal occasions.

NASI KUNYIT – Rice cooked in turmeric.

PUTTOO – Called puttu by the Tamils and pittoo by the Sinhalese. I believe the name is derived from the noise that the vendors make off their Puttoo making carts as they vend their way in the streets of Indonesia; to which I was a witness.

BABATH & PERUT – Synonymous with Puttoo. (Babath means cleaned and Perut means stomach – often mistaken for stomach & intestines by our local Malays. The word of intestines is “USUS”.

DAGING GORENG – Fried meat.

DAGING CUKA – Meat stew. Also called by locals as “Bistake”.

ACHCAR – Malay Pickle.

DENDENG GORENG – Fried dried meat. We also have a delicacy in fried lungs which we called “Tenteng goring”. The Malay word for Lung is “Paru Paru”. We I believe called it Tenteng Goreng to keep in line with Dendeng Goreng.

-Young Melayu Media Unit-

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