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January 13, 2017

A message from Sdr. Nilam Hallaldeen
Kumpulan Melayu Kotikawatta (KMK) AGM will be held on Sunday, 22nd January 2017 at 11.00 AM at Rajasingha National College.

This is an opportunity for new members to join KMK. We are looking forward for new members, old and young. 

Just become a member and enjoy the benefits of being a KMK member. We are also looking for new and existing members to fill up several positions in the KMK Executive committee. 

KMK Executive members play a pivotal role in the society as community leaders and contribute immensely to uplift the status of Malay community. There are no harsh rules and regulations for enrolment as new members or for appointment as executive committee member.

I am Nilam. Just come and talk to me on Sunday, 22nd january and be a member of a prestigious Malay Club in matter of minutes. Drop an inbox message Or just call me on 077 2457 257 for more information. Once you join KMK, loads of things are in store for you and your family in coming years, a Family trip; sports festivals; Fun Events; religious ceremonies; charity events; competitions and so on.

Our Existing members too can get involved in this membership drive campaign by introducing new members to KMK.

See you on Sunday 22nd at Rajasingha National College Auditorium.

Terima Kasih

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