Tuan Sabhan First Policeman To Sacrifice Life In Line Of Duty

January 13, 2017
By Wazir Sourjah

Submitted by Sdr. Geoffery Meedin

In Sri Lanka, the Police commemoration day falls on the 21st day of March each year. The occasion is celebrated with much solemn pomp and pageantry by the Police department, to honour and remember the police officers and men who have paid the supreme price in the discharge of their onerous duties to protect citizens from traditional law and order situations to confronting modern urban terrorists from varying hues transcending national and international borders.

The armed insurrection of the JVP in 1971 and 1977 and the advent of separatist Tamil terrorism in the mid 1970’s were the major challenges faced by the then Ceylon Police and later the Sri Lanka Police. The first regular police officer to die in action is constable Sabhan(Saybhan) on March 21st 1864 at Mawanella. Wikipedia records the incident as follows “On March 21, 1864 he (Saradiel), was drawn to a house in Mawanella. On a tip off, a police party surrounded the house.

They found Saradiel there with Mammalay Marikkar. Sgt. Ahamath fired at Saradiel first and wounded him; Mammalay Marikkar fired killing Constable Shaban. Escaping from the house, Sgt. Ahamath stood guard outside the only door, preventing the bandits’ escape.
The Assistant Government Agent Kegalle F. R. Saunders soon arrived on the scene with a detachment of Ceylon Rifles. Seeing that resistance was futile, the two surrendered.

Taken to Kandy, they were tried at Kandy Assize by an English-speaking jury before Justice Thompson, with Richard Morgan prosecuting as crown advocate. The jury found them guilty: Both were sentenced to death. They were taken to the gallows on May 7, 1864, with many coming to see the famed Saradiel. Before his execution he addressed the crowd”.

Archives also indicate prior to Sabhan’s death, another temporary constable identified as George Vanhagt had been killed in the course of a search operation of a house suspected to belong to Saradiel’s mother to harbour Saradiel.

A memorial plaque to mark the death of constable Sabhan and Constable George Vanhaght stands to this day in Mawanella.
The versatility of the Malay policeman saw them absorbed into specialty branches in the police department such as in the CID, Intelligence Divisions, Mounted Division, STF and in Training (expertise in the parade field).

Sri Lanka being a multi ethnic society and in the post war era, it would appear that there is ample opportunities for the Malay youth in the police service and we urge the present day Malay youth to make use of an ever expanding and developing organisation like the police department and lend credence to the reputation paved by our Malay elders of yesteryear in the police profession. Some of the distinguished Malay police officers who served and serving the police department worthy of mention are; Bongso – DIG, T. Dole SP, B. M. N. Jurangpathy DIG, Akbar Packir, DIG, T. H. Jayah SSP, T. M. Miskin DIG, M. R. Latiff DIG, M. H. Marso SSP, Bagus Sourjah, Inspector, of Football and Rugger fame, Nizam Hajireen (Double international football/rugger), M. S. Samsudeen (SSP, Boxer- VIP Security Specialist), B. M. Dole SSP, T. Miskin CI, T Hashimdeen IP, T. M. I Hameed (Tanker) and T. M. (Duke) Hameed, T. S. Hajireen CI, T.H. Rahim CI, N. Jamaldeen ASP.

There are ample prospects of personal development and career advancement for the able bodied, intelligent and educated Malay youth along with their other compatriots.
Unlike in the past there is a large number of Malay youth who are Sinhalese medium educated at secondary school level, who could benefit from the opportunities in an organisation like the police or even in the armed forces where the community’s prodigies have shown their military prowess.

Sources; Wikipedia
Wazir Sourjah (Retired Chief Inspector of Police)
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